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Reclaimed Building Supply

Many building materials can be reclaimed for re-use without further processing, which can lessen their environmental impact and possibly bring a cost saving. Sometimes materials can be re-used on the same site; failing that, there are likely to be outlets for many building materials. The purpose of this internet site is to provide a comprehensive listing of companies who sell reclaimed building materials and so make it easier for anyone wishing to use reclaimed and recycled materials to locate exactly what they require.

Business listings

Basic listing

A single entry of your name, address, and phone number on the site will be free of charge. In order to add your business to the site, please use the contact form to give us your name, full postal address and phone number. If you want to be listed in more than one county, there will be a charge of £10 for each extra entry.

Enhanced listing

For those who already have an Internet presence, we will include links to your web site and to your e-mail address for £20 a year. Please send all your details with a cheque for £20 payable to Reclaimed Building Supply to the above address. If you would like to pay by credit card, please ring Charles on 01883-623333.

Full listing

For those who do not have a website already, a full listing will give them a full page on this site for the sum of £150. Our designers will work closely with you in creating the web page, which will include your logo and a full description of the services you provide. Images can be added at an extra cost of £10 per image. Please ring Charles on 01883 623333 or use the contact form and we will ring you.

The page can be updated when required at a minimum cost of £15—the actual cost being dependent upon the amount of work involved in the alterations. You will be informed of the price before the alterations are uploaded to the site.

Design service

For anyone who wishes to establish their own domain on the web, we can offer a full consultation and design service.